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11 thoughts on “Product Gallery

  1. Just wondering if you are going tty o be at the Pictou market tty his year. If not do you have a shop in Truro.

  2. Hi,
    Interested in purchasing a lighthouse ornament what stores carry your ornaments in halifax,, will be in the area in late September

  3. Good morning;
    Just wondering when you will be back at the farmers market? I want to purchase some earrings for my daughter’s birthday on the 16th. Or maybe I can pick them up at some other location.

  4. I bought the maple leaf dangle earrings while visiting Halifax in 2011…had been looking for years for just that kind of earring! SADLY, I lost one the other day…it got caught on my scarf,f I think. Is there anyway I can order a pair and have it mailed to me? I live in Winnipeg (hence the scarf!). Thank you.

  5. James…
    Will you have the angel and hummingbird suncatchers at the Halifax Market this coming Sat, April 8/ 2017 ??
    What is the cost of each one?

    • Hi Margaret,

      I’ll miss Sat April 8 but I’ll be back at the Halifax market on Sat April 15. The suncatchers are $18.00each and I will have both the angel and hummingbird.

      Thanks, James

      • Hi James
        Thanks for your quick response.
        Do you have those suncatchers for sale anywhere else. I am going away on April 13, so would not be able to get to April 15th Market.

        Thanks again

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